About Me

NICTA Optimisation Research Group
Melbourne, Australia

I am leading a project on large scale evacuation planning, involving GIS data extraction, combinatorial optimization, and visualization.

I am also communication officer for the Optimisation Research Group. I am in charge of the group strategic communication plan, identifying key audiences and messages. I lead the development of the group website, and I am coordinating the public relations and events in collaboration with our NICTA communication team.

I hold a Ph.D. from the Ecole des Mines de Nantes (France) and Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia), in the area of transportation and computer science.

My  research interests go toward online combinatorial optimization and the development of software libraries. My work includes the development of a decision support system for long-term manpower planning in airline companies,  open-source libraries for dynamic vehicle routing, and algorithms to plan large scale evacuations. I am currently working in the environmental and societal resilience team at NICTA.

After growing up and studying in France, I spent 22 months studying in Colombia, 6 months working in Australia and 3 in Canada, and am working in Australia since October 2012. I have a strong ability to adapt to different cultures and to fluently communicate in professional contexts in French, English and Spanish. I found living and working abroad highly rewarding and I relish every opportunity to have such experiences.

I am quick-learning, autonomous and communicative, as I demonstrated throughout my studies and career. I particularly enjoy managing projects and communicate on the results and applications. I also proved my ability to communicate complex concepts in other languages giving talks in international conferences, or as a teaching assistant at the Universidad de Los Andes teaching a course in Spanish on linear programming.

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A few recommendations

Ian Evans, Research Manager, Constraint Technologies

Victor was a pleasure to work with. He is intelligent and personable, and works well both independently and with others. Details of required tasks only had to be given once, and if they needed clarification then he asked questions at the right time and the right level. He has excellent skills in both applied mathematics and computing, and is problem-driven and so will choose the best technology and algorithm for the problem. He writes documentation and reports clearly, even in English which is not his native language. I would have no hesitation in hiring Victor again once he finishes his PhD. (August 28, 2009)

Louis-Martin Rousseau, Scientific Director, Omega Optimisation

Victor proved to be an extremely efficient analyst and developer. He mastered our technology very rapidly and contributed significantly to development of our tool. (September 12, 2008)

Éric Desfossés, Senior Analyst / Team Leader, Omega Optimisation

Victor proved to be a key asset to our developpement team. He mastered our platform and technologies quickly and proposed solutions to build upon our software framework. He took full responsibility of his work, even as an intern and produced high quality code and documentation. His sense of initiative allowed him to exceed our expectation and generate added value for our software. He is organized and autonomous and would integrate well to any team. (September 17, 2008)

You can find all my references on my LinkedIn profile.

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