ALIO-INFORMS Joint International Meeting 2010

We will be presenting the following abstract to the ALIO-INFORMS Joint International Meeting held in Buenos Aires in June.
The talk is scheduled on Wednesday the 9th, at 8:30am, in the Online Routing and Dispatching session.

Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands with a Multiple Scenario Approach

Victor Pillaca,b, Christelle Guereta, Andrés L. Medagliab

a Équipe Systèmes Logistiques et de Production, IRCCyN
École des Mines de Nantes, B.P.20722, F-44307 Nantes Cedex 3, France
b Centro para la Optimización y Probabilidad Aplicada (COPA) & CEIBA
Universidad de los Andes, Cr1 Este No.19A-10 Bogotá, Colombia

Traditional approaches for the VRPSD aim at designing a-priori robust plans that avoid potential route failures. However, the widespread and inexpensive real-time communication and geo-localization technologies have opened promising perspectives in this field. We illustrate on the VRPSD the flexibility of jMSA, a generic framework for Multiple Scenario Approach. Preliminary results show that a continuous re-optimization leads to reductions in route failures and improvements in cost efficiency.

Material available here.


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