Route consistency in dynamic routing: a bi-objective approach

We presented a preliminary work studying the consistency of routes between consecutive reoptimizations in the context of dynamic routing:

V. Pillac, C. Guéret, A. Medaglia
Route Consistency Vehicle Routing: a Bi-Objective Approach
ROADEF 2012, Angers (France).


Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems (D-VRPs) are an extension of classical VRPs in which the information available to the decision maker changes or is updated dynamically. Most studies on D-VRPs consider that routes can be designed online, which means that vehicle drivers do not know their next destination until they finish serving their current customer. Although this assumption is theoretically appealing, it may not be desirable in a practical context in which drivers are used to know their routes from the beginning of the day. In this work we propose an optimization algorithm able to optimize the minimization of a cost function (the total traveled distance), and the minimization of the changes made in the vehicles routes in a dynamic routing context, and we study the tradeoff between both objectives.

The full abstract is available here and slides here.


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