A parallel matheuristic for the technician routing and scheduling problem

We published a paper presenting a parallel matheuristic to tackle a technician routing and scheduling problem:

V. Pillac, C. Guéret, A. Medaglia
A parallel matheuristic for the technician routing and scheduling problem
Optimization Letters, Accepted manuscript, doi:10.1007/s11590-012-0567-4.


The Technician Routing and Scheduling Problem (TRSP) consists in routing staff to serve requests for service, taking into account time windows, skills, tools, and spare parts. Typical applications include maintenance operations and staff routing in telecoms, public utilities, and in the health care industry. In this paper, we present a formal definition of the TRSP, discuss its relation with the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW), and review related research. From a methodological perspective, we describe a matheuristic composed of a constructive heuristic, a parallel Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search (pALNS), and a mathematical programming based post-optimization procedure that successfully tackles the TRSP. We validate the matheuristic on the Solomon VRPTW instances, where we achieve an average gap of 0.23%, and matched 44 out of 55 optimal solutions. Finally, we illustrate how the matheuristic successfully solves a set of TRSP instances extended from the Solomon benchmark.


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