Technical lead (2015-2016)

GoEuro, Berlin, Germany

I was technical lead of a team of 5 engineers that drove search result accuracy improvements using data science. My role involved contributing to the definition of the team goals, making decisions on which technologies to use, and interacting with the other teams to ensure the proper integration of our systems.

We implemented automated monitoring of the search result accuracy, ensuring that the customers would be able to buy the train, bus, or flight tickets at the same prices and schedules as displayed on our page. We processed historical data using Apache Spark, developed data analysis tools using Elastic Search and Kibana, and created micro-services using PubSub and Google Cloud Platform.

Researcher (2012-2015)

NICTA, Melbourne, Australia

I led a project on large scale evacuation planning, involving GIS data extraction, combinatorial optimization, and visualization.

I was also communication officer for the Optimisation Research Group. I was in charge of the group strategic communication plan, identifying key audiences and messages. I led the development of the group website, and I coordinated the public relations and events in collaboration with the NICTA communication team.

Technologies & Software: Java, Gurobi, ArcGIS

Analyst Developer Intern (2009)

Constraint Technologies, Melbourne, Australia

I designed and implemented an airline crew resource management optimizer, for the calculation of an optimal hiring, promotion or cross-training strategy to minimise costs related to the introduction or withdrawals of aircraft in the fleet of an airline

Technologies: Java, Xpress-Optimizer library, Swing

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Analyst Developer Intern (2008)

Planora, Montreal, Canada

I developed modules for Optime.net, the end-user application for the optimisation engine Coretex developped by Oméga Optimization.

Optime.net is an inclusive platform covering all stages of the human resources planning cycle, from the forecasting of needs to the preparation of employee work schedules.

My work mainly focused on the development of user interface components, using the .Net3.5 framework with the C#/XAML languages. I also developped an extension of the LINQ source code generator taillored to the needs of the project.

Technologies: C# & XAML, dotNet3.5, WPF, WCF, LINQ

Consultant (2007)

Nantes Metropole (City Council), Nantes, France

I audited the recycling units of the city of Nantes, analyzed the functioning of about 100 units and suggested improvements. The result was report and a presentation of recommendations to council experts.

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Freelance software developper (2007)

I developed a club management software package in Java using an embedded database. This software has helped the club manager in the administration of his business and increased greatly the quality of his accounting

Auditor (2007)

Sustainable Development Trophies, Nantes, France

Auditor for sustainable development trophies.
I visited 2 companies, observed, analyzed and synthesized their sustainable policy and presented a report to an expert committee

View the article in the Talent des Mines magazine ( p. 7 )