Floralis Genetica

ALIO-INFORMS 2010, Buenos Aires

Following the post announcing our participation to the  ALIO-INFORMS Joint International Meeting held in Buenos Aires this month, you can find bellow the slideshow of the given talk.

Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands with a Multiple Scenario Approach

This conference was also the perfect occasion to discover the city of Buenos Aires, enjoy its quiet life and pleasant architecture (at least in comparison with Bogota).
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Participation to the ALIO-INFORMS Joint International Meeting

Our work on the dynanic vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands will be presented in Michel Gendreau’s session of the ALIO-INFORMS Joint International Meeting in Buenos Aires in June 2010 (website).

A dynamic approach for the multi-compartment vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands

Victor Pillaca,b, Christelle Guereta, Andrés L. Medagliab

a Équipe Systèmes Logistiques et de Production, IRCCyN (UMR CNRS 6597)
École des Mines de Nantes, B.P.20722, F-44307 Nantes Cedex 3, France
b Centro para la Optimización y Probabilidad Aplicada (COPA) & CEIBA
Universidad de los Andes, Cr1 Este No.19A-10 Bogotá, Colombia

Traditional approaches for the VRPSD aim at designing a-priori robust plans that avoid potential route failures. However, the widespread and inexpensive real-time communication and geo-localization technologies have opened new perspectives in this area. Our study focuses on a generalization of the VRPSD to the multi-compartment case that allows communication and cooperation between vehicles, thus reducing route failures and improving cost efficiency.