MIC 2011 – 9th edition of the Metaheuristic International Conference

We will be presenting the following abstract to the 9th edition of the Metaheuristic International Conference held in Udine, Italy, in July.

On the Technician Routing and Scheduling Problem

Victor Pillaca,b, Christelle Guereta, Andrés L. Medagliab

a Équipe Systèmes Logistiques et de Production, IRCCyN (UMR CNRS 6597)
École des Mines de Nantes, B.P.20722, F-44307 Nantes Cedex 3, France
b Centro para la Optimización y Probabilidad Aplicada (COPA) & CEIBA
Universidad de los Andes, Cr1 Este No.19A-10 Bogotá, Colombia

The technician routing and scheduling problem consists in routing and scheduling a crew of technicians in order to attend a set of service requests, subject to skill, tool, and spare part constraints.
In this study we propose a formal definition of the problem and present a constructive heuristic and a large neighborhood search optimization algorithm.

The full abstract is available here.